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The Fambino Family, LLC is a limited liability company.  However, the Fambino Family is first and foremost a family.  Every member of the Fambinos is related by blood (or dear friends connected by love); direct descendants of John H. Simmons and Iris M. Simmons.  The union of John and Iris Simmons produced eleven children.  Those eleven children produced scores of offspring of their own.  Several of those offspring now serve as the nucleus of the Fambino Family, LLC.  The strength of character and uncompromising moral fiber exemplified by John and Iris has shaped the mentalities of generations of Simmons’.  Their teachings of altruism, community upliftment, and self-reliance now serve as the motivating force driving all Fambino Family endeavors.


As a business the Fambino Family has varied interests; always seeking to produce revenue in such a way that benefits the Family, those who partner with us, and the community at large.  Some of those business interests have included the following: party/event planning and promotion, daycare services, automobile sales, certified personal training services, and licensed painting services. 


The We Before Me Foundation is a not-for-profit organization and sister company of The Fambino Family, LLC.  As a not-for-profit organization The We Before Me Foundation adamantly strives to give unto others in a non-sensationalized, unobtrusive manner.  The Foundation seeks to uplift communities by helping needy families, at risk youth, the children of combat veterans lost in battle, and the children of the incarcerated.  The Foundation has organized clothing drives, food drives, and youth mentoring initiatives to name a few.  Each member of The Foundation is also encouraged to extend their hand in generosity to those in need we may encounter in our everyday lives.


The Fambino Family & The We Before Me Foundation is proud to serve the Rochester, NY community. We look forward to reaching other areas of the United States and other parts of the world.  We would welcome the opportunity to connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals, companies, and organizations.

Thank You                           


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